What is a Facebook Pixel? An Introductory Guide for marketers
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What is a Facebook Pixel?

Perhaps you have heard people talking about ‘Facebook Pixels’ and you’ve no idea what they are talking about – or more likely, you have *some* idea what it is but you don’t really understand exactly how it works or more importantly – how you should be leveraging it.

So….What is Facebook Pixel?

This is a piece of code which is embedded into the back end of your website, once it has been installed, it opens up many avenues of opportunity.

How does the code get into the website?

For most business owners looking to DIY their own marketing, it is generally advisable to pay your web developer (or any web developer) a few quid to insert the code for you although if you want to try to do it yourself, there are some good free plugins for WordPress including ‘Insert Header and Footer’ and ‘Pixel Your Site’ 

Some points to mention about Facebook Pixel

There are a few notes or guidance we should point out about Facebook Pixel

  1. If you install your Pixel today, it will start tracking data from that moment but not before! Seems obvious but sometimes people forget that it cannot collect data from prior to installation!
  2. You can retarget people for 180 days (6 months) unless of course – they manually clear their cookies.
  3. Be careful when retargeting specific pages – if you have only had 100 visitors to a page during the period you’re retargeting, this is a very small audience and will result in each person seeing the ad many times, which can result in negative feedback.

We cover this in more detail on our Facebook Ads Masterclass Events, which you can find on our Events Page.

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