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This is why you aren’t getting any enquiries

I’m going to share with you a handful of phrases that I hear, probably 10 times a week. You may have said them too…

Before we progress, lets remember the two fundamental ways in which you win business:

  1. Someone needs the product/service you offer and is looking for it
  2. Someone saw or heard about your product/service and upon finding it, decided they wanted it or needed it.

That is it. That is how sales happen. That it literally what your success or failure boils down to! Being visible and present in the places someone would be searching, or putting yourself in front of people you can seduce into buying.

Most businesses kind of know this, which is why they invest in a website. And some people spend thousands on their website, thinking this will be the Magic Elixir of Marketing – they just need to build it, publish it and ? Boom ? Job done.

I ask them how they will get traffic to their beautiful e̶x̶p̶e̶n̶s̶i̶v̶e̶ new website, and it is clear that was never really a consideration. It will just happen, right? After much pondering they proclaim “Social media” (another Magic Elixir of Marketing….. ?) will get people to their website. It’s free! We don’t need a marketing budget! And almost everyone has a friends daughter, niece or next door neighbour who has time on their hands and “knows how to do social media”

And yes, if done well, Social Media can be incredibly powerful and effective!

But marketing is more than just Social Media!

Social media is just one piece of the jigsaw and focusing on this area alone is going to mean progress is slow. Slower than you need it to be. Assuming your website is where you expect to convert your leads – relying on free, organic social media traffic alone is going to result in not really getting any enquiries. It takes a long time to grow an engaged following, and you could be out of business by the time this happens if this is your entire marketing strategy.

What other ways do websites acquire traffic then?

How to get traffic to your website

This is why you aren’t getting any enquiries

What do you need to do to get more enquiries?

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