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Why does Facebook keep rejecting your Ads?

In my Facebook group (for Facebook advertisers spending £1000 or less each month) I commonly get asked why Facebook is rejecting their ads. It is probably the most common query I receive “Facebook has rejected my ad but I don’t know why, I can’t see any obvious reason why it wouldn’t pass”

Firstly, I always tell everyone to read the Facebook Advertising Policies because every time I have this conversation with someone, it is apparent that they are assuming that the policies are obvious, and therefore don’t actually need to read them!

The Obvious Rules

Some of the rules are fairly obvious. You probably don’t need to be an advertising expert to figure out that you cannot sell drugs, illegal activity, guns etc on your Ads. So before we get to the ‘Not-So-Obvious’ reasons why your ads are getting rejected, lets run through the obvious ones first.

Hopefully, that list didn’t come as any surprise to you! The less obvious ones might though…

The Not-So-Obvious Rules

These are the rules that people tend not to have read and are surprised when I tell them that their ad has been disapproved because it does not meet Advertising Policy.

There is also a whole load on Restricted Content too, (stuff that is allowed, but is subject to procuring written permission from FB or adhering to strict rules) These include lotteries, dating sites, Cryptocurrency, alcohol etc.

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