Facebook Ads Training - a good idea for small business?
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Should you consider Facebook Ads Training?

Go on admit it, you’ve ‘Boosted’ Facebook posts haven’t you?

And I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say, on some occasions you’ve had a fantastic response… so you’ve done it again, and then got nothing. So you sat scratching your head wondering why it worked so well that time, but was utterly useless another?

Facebook try to make Ads Easy…

Facebook want to make ads easy, they put a bit blue shiny ‘Boost’ button, and send you notifications telling you how many more people you could reach if you chucked a few quid their way. It’s tempting. I mean, what other form of paid advertising lets you control your spend, stop and start as and when your budget allows, and let’s you invest as little as a pound?


And it can addictive! “Just another fiver” – business owners are natural gamblers and they can’t resist the temptation to throw a bit more money in and see if you can win again, like you did last time. But the truth is – like the casino, most of the time you are betting blind if you don’t know what you are doing.

Should you hire an agency?

If you are spending a reasonable amount of money on Facebook ads, you should definitely consider engaging the help of an expert. However, if you’re a local business spending £100-200-300 per month on ads, it is never going to economically viable to pay an agency who would charge more in fees than your advertising budget.

This leaves many business owners trying to figure out for themselves through trial and error. This too can cost a lot of money on experimental strategies.

What about Facebook Ads Training?

At The Small Business Academy, we train small and startup business owners to create their own Facebook Ad Campaigns the same way that an agency would.

Facebook Ads Training can be undertaken as a group (see Events for the next date!) or we can offer bespoke, one-to-one training for 4 hours at a cost of £300.00, which can be shared with a friend.

This will teach you the fundamentals of Business Manager, Ads Manager and creating campaigns as well as how to effectively write your ad copy and select visuals.

Why is Facebook Ads Training a great idea?

Let’s say you only spend £150 per month on ads. If you are wasting £50 of that ad spend on poorly constructed ads, this is going to mount up to a fair bit over the year. Not to mention your time, and the opportunities missed while experimenting.

It may take you a year of trying different techniques before you figure out something that works, but with Facebook Ads Training you can cut out all of that time and hit the ground running in Month 1 with ads that actually work.


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