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Founded in 2017 The Small Business Academy was launched by multi award-winning entrepreneur Nikki Hesford, as an all-round source of support for small and start-up businesses.

Nikki launched her first E-commerce fashion business in 2008, with almost no prior knowledge of digital selling or online marketing. As a start-up business, you don’t have the budget to pay an agency for your marketing – and yet nobody seems to want to show you how to do it either…

…You end up trawling the internet for free information, which often turns out to be inaccurate, outdated or just too difficult to understand.

There seemed to be a distinct lack of support in the private sector from people who had been there and done it. Although local events existed, they were often delivered by agency owners, designed to give you enough information to convince you that you need it, but not enough to actually do it!

Our events and training give you everything – we have live demonstrations, we set up Ads and tracking code in front of you, we go through analytics together and explain what they mean in plain English and we purposely avoid wasting time on the ‘what’ and focus on showing you the ‘how’

In 2019 the Academy will launch it’s first Coworking Centre in Blackpool – plugging the gaps in that ‘all round’ support we know you need. Hot desking. Affordable meeting rooms. Training. Events. One to One support. Mixing with like-minded people who have the same challenges as you. And most importantly – AMAZING coffee!

Nikki Hesford is an award-winning entrepreneur as seen on Dragons Den and featured in

BBC Metro The Sun Cosmopolitan Daily Mail

The Small Business Academy has been recognised with the following awards

Jacqueline WOW winner 2019 BIBA Finalist EVA finalist